ZMP Receives Investment From Intel Capital For Their Self-Driving Technology.


ZMP Receives Investment From Intel Capital For Their Self-Driving Technology.

Intel’s global investment and M&A organization, has recently invested in ZMP, a Japanese developer of autonomous driving technologies. Financial details related to this recent investment have not been disclosed for the time being. This investment was made from Intel’s Capital Connected car Fund and shall be utilized to help ZMP accelerate their develop of autonomous and assisted driving technologies.

The Works.

ZMP currently develops and offers autonomous driving technologies which include car robotics platforms, sensor systems, visualizations and analytics, tech consulting and field operational testing, and connected car informatics. The company will also offer services and applications that will be designed for each customer, such as safety driving, eco-driving and information. Its RobotCar series shall help customers develop driving and safety technologies and drivers assist systems. followed by collecting, measuring and analyzing their vehicle information and external environmental data.

The amazing potential behinds this recent collaboration was summarized by the vice-president and general manage of Intel’s Automotive Solution Division, Elliot Garbus, who stated through a press release:

 “A tremendous amount of computing capability is required to deliver advanced driving experiences, including managing sensor networks, conducting real-time data analytics, and turning that data into actionable information. By utilizing Intel technology, ZMP can push the limits in automotive innovation and deliver technology that will enable safer driving experiences.”

Intel Capital has invested over a total of USD $440 million in more than 40 technological companies based in Japan since 1999. Intel’s Capital investment focus on Japan has also included datacenters, cloud infrastructure, big data, analytics, 2 in 1s, tablets, Internet of Things, and semiconductors process technologies.


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