Zimbra Enters Partnership with Scality to Offer Storage Solution.


Zimbra Enters Partnership with Scality to Offer Storage Solution.

Zimbra, a global leader in unified collaboration software, announced today that it is partnering with Scality, an established leader in petabyte scale, software-defined storage based on object technology. The partnership builds upon the successful delivery of large-scale projects in the US, Europe and Japan, based on joint offerings from Zimbra and Scality. The partnership encompasses product design and engineering, delivery, support and joint sales. It offers service providers a secure, scalable and affordable cloud-based collaboration solution.

“Scality has enjoyed an excellent collaboration with Zimbra through the years. Tens of millions of end users are already enjoying the fruit of our work together,” said Jérome Lecat, chief executive officer of Scality. “Our joint reseller agreement builds on the success and strength of that partnership. We are pleased to be able to provide service providers with a class-leading cloud solution.”

Collaborative Solutions.

As more businesses turn to collaborative cloud solutions, service providers worldwide are struggling to scale their operations and offer geo-distribution while reducing per-user support costs. By partnering with Scality, Zimbra offers service providers a combined collaboration and storage solution with a proven record of scaling to support millions of end-users and thousands of businesses, while delivering an industry-leading total cost of ownership per user and eliminating complex, time-consuming storage management tasks.

“Telenet was the first to use the Zimbra-Scality combination,” said Erik Stubbe, manager Core Network Operations Telenet. “They provide our email platform, on which more than 2M Telenet customer mailboxes are hosted. By the combination of their expertise, we are able to use a scalable method for high-capacity and long-term storage needs, and to manage our email platform in a cost-efficient way. The fact that Scality and Zimbra now officially offer their combined expertise gives us confidence that this solution will be further developed and supported.”

“Collaboration solutions represent an immense opportunity for service providers, and Scality and Zimbra are both committed to providing service providers with a solution that allows them to bundle collaboration and storage for easier deployment and operations, higher performance and reduced costs,” said Brent Rhymes, president of worldwide field operations at Zimbra. “Having the ability to bundle our collaboration solution with Scality’s software storage system provides service providers with a low cost, scalable and compelling alternative to Microsoft Exchange for their customers’ collaboration needs.”

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