YouTube Finally Launches A Localized Version of Its Site For Thailand.


YouTube Finally Launches A Localized Version of Its Site For Thailand.

Thailand seems to be the next latest stop from YouTube, after the video streaming service company introduced a localized version of its site and its YouTube Partner Program within the country.


This recent move will allow the company to work along side with local content producers in order to help export their work all across Thailand and he rest of the world. The company stated that it will also begin working along with local advertiser to place ad spots inside content on

The head of the company based in Thailand, Ariya Banomyong, has outlined the potential of the localized initiatives during a blog post:

We hope that bringing this program and the fully localized YouTube site to Thailand will help encourage more Thai talent to come online, and make it easier for Thai communities to find and fall in love with more local content.


YouTube has become a highly important source for the spreading of K-Pop all over the globe, and Banomyong has noted that VRZO as one of Thai YouTube company demonstrating the potential behind it. VRZO contains over 100 staff members, its channel has gained over 2 million subscribers, and its 124 episodes have garnered over 400 million views.

Internet users based in Thailand have become some of them highly active viewers on YouTube, for Instance Thailand has become the second biggest watcher for the sensational hit video Gangnam Style, only behind the US.

While this may seem good and all, Thailand has been quite a difficult place for to market, since its  has agreed to the government request to block a large number of videos on the site which have infringed upon its lese majeste laws against defamation of the royal family. Google has had an office based in Thailand since 2011. But its quite unclear on whether a local YouTube presence will mean much better co-operation with the local authorities.

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