Youku Tudou Reach’s 400M Daily Views Through Mobile Phones.


Youku Tudou Reach’s 400M Daily Views Through Mobile Phones.

One of the most viewed video streaming sites in China, Youku Tudou, has recently announced that its mobile daily video views have manage to surpass over 400 million. What’s even more, the revenue has been earned from mobile sources passed over 30 percent of Youku Tudou’s total sales as of date.

In order to better understand, Comparing this with YouTube, another highly popular video-streaming site around the world, which has stated to have over six billion hours of video that are watched each month on its platform, while mobile making up for almost 40 percent of its worldwide watch time.


Youku Tudou is one of China’s largest online video site with over more than 450 million users, formed right after a billion dollar merger during 2012. With more people in China having skipped their experience with desktop and reaching the online world through the use of their smartphone devices, the video site has continued to incest in increasing their quality of their videos for mobiles. During the previous year, It had announced a collaboration with the chip giant known as Qualcomm, which would go on to allow their viewers to have much higher quality video access on the site when utilizing most devices that are powered by Qualcomm snapdragon processors.

The video site has stated that it intends to use the recent funding gained from the giant e-commerce Alibaba, which dumped over $1.2 billion during the previous month to increase the pace of its “expansion into new business opportunities.” It didn’t go on to further elaborate, but Youku Tudou has recently revealed a platform that allows fans to directly interact with celebrities, most likely to continue showing a deeper engagement with their users.

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