Xiaomi’s RedMi Note Has Gained 15 Million Pre-orders.


Xiaomi’s RedMi Note Has Gained 15 Million Pre-orders.

Xiaomi may be a brand device that we my rarely see outside of the Chinese market for the time being, but there’s plenty of proof that people have simply fallen in love with Xiaomi’s devices just by the outstanding number of pre-orders that Xiaomi received for its RedMi Noe tablet device as of recently. According to Xiaomi they have managed to gain an incredible 15 million pre-orders for the RedMi Note, which is really quite impressive to say the least.

The device really has allot going for it and for nothing else the phone only cost a measly $139. Whats really quite spectacular though is that Xiaomi was able to stuff in all sorts of amazing treats to the RedMi Note without having to charge their customers their own arms and legs to get a hold of one of these bad boys.


The 13MP camera that comes along is one of the many treats purchaser shall receive if they have decided to order up a RedMi Note, but along with the device comes a rather nice size of 5.5-inch display, which is certainly large enough to enjoy just about anything on. Users will also not need to worry much about the battery life, thanks to the it coming along with a Octa-Core Media Tek CPU and containing over 1GB of RAM.

While we may not know much on how will the octa-core chip will be able to handle itself compared toward other chips in the available market, but with its 8 cores and 1GB of memory, it should be plenty fast enough to hand most operation. Its make on wonder less about the reason on why one would one to purchase his device with those amazing specs provided by Xiaomi. What’s more is that Xiaomi will  also be offering a $160 model of the phone that comes along with double the amount of rams, making it a great deal.


Xiaomi has also become extremely excited by he massive amount of numbered pre-order for the Redmi Note that it even eagerly tweeted their accomplishment but had accidentally input the wrong amount of pre-ordered devices. This tweet that listed Xiaomi had manage to gain over 122 million pre-orders for the RedMi Note, which would have been quite insane. Not much is known behind this perplexing accidental post, but it can be chalked up as excitement and simply typing in the wrong numbers. The difference between 15 million and 122 is quite substantial though so the mistake can be bit hilarious.

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