Xiaomi’s Importance over the Entrance to the Philippines.


Xiaomi’s Importance over the Entrance to the Philippines.

One of the world’s fastest growing smartphone manufacturers, Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi, continues to march on with its global expansion towards the Philippines, which we had previously mentioned here before. They had manage to previously mention with launching of their Facebook page.


Xiaomi Global VP Hugo Barra had spoken on the stance that the company view the Philippines as an important marketplace in Southeast Asia.

 ”It’s a huge market of 100 million people who are incredibly social, very hungry for tech and open to trying new things. We’re here to learn. That’s why we’re gonna start small, talk to as many people as we can, learn as much as we can and then iterate.”

Barra is currently visiting Manila this week, in order to to help set up sup shit and meet the fans of this highly innovative Android-based platform. Before joining up with Xiaomi, Barra was previously one of the top executives at Google working directly on Android. He transferred over to Beijing sometime during October 2013, so that hey may help cultivate the expansion of Xiaomi’s global expansion.

GOING GLOBAL. Hugo Barra left Google for Xiaomi in 2013 to serve as its global ambassador.


The company had also undertaken the global brand name MI during this past April and successfully launched in Singapore and Malaysia during February and May, respectively. It has set their scope to set up in 10 countries during this year alone, these places include Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam with an ambitious 60 million unit sales target 2014, up from the 18.7 million it sold during the previous year.

Mi are known for their competitively priced high-end smartphones, its unique implementations of the Android operating system, and its faithfully gained base that sells out millions of smartphones within a few hours during a new phone launch.

Its current flagship, the MI 3, is current one of the most fastest sold Android smartphones, even out beating the HTC One in recent testings. As well as a currently in works Android-powered tablet that is similar to that of the iPad mini but with the iPhone 5c’s color pallete.

Pricing and availability of its lineup will be announced, “in the next couple of weeks.”

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