Xiaomi Said to Release An 8-inch MiPad Tablet.


Xiaomi Said to Release An 8-inch MiPad Tablet.

According to sources that are close to Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone creator is apparently on track to be releasing their own very first table sometime soon, which will most likely entering the market and compete against giant companies like Samsung and Apple, who largely make up for the larger portion of the tablet market.


The rumored “Mipad” is stated to be potentially coming with a display that’s sized to be around 7.8 inches which would place it directly into the 8 inch tablet market to go against the iPad mini, Samsung’s 8-inch tablet such as the Galaxy Tab 8 and the rumored upcoming Nexus 8 if it indeed does arrive with an 8-inch display. According to sources who touched up on this recent matter, Xiaomi has also already started ordering parts for their tablets to further manufacturing.

It’s possible that further information about Xiaomi’s firs table device will be divulged during the even they have scheduled for May 15th, but Xiaomi hasn’t mentioned anything about this so far, the only thing left to do is wait and see.


Currentyl, only rumors of specs and prices are being spread around for the device, such as snapdragon 400 quad-core processor and a potential $160 price tag, it’s also been stated to potentially come with a retina display, which makes the the price, if true, all that much more astonishing to be real. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if Xiaomi ended up packing their first tablet with some good stuff, as they have been on the rise and have been known for offering decent devices with powerful hardware and low end prices. The most recently released RedMi Note is a perfect example of this with its MediaTeck octa-core CPU and 2GB of RAM.

Furthermore, the possibility of Xiaomi’s very first tablet for market, they’re said to be announce the relaunching of Mi3S smartphone at May15th event as well, which would most likely mean they’ll be relaunching it with an updated and better specs but that also potentially means a little bit of a bigger price tag.


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