Xiaomi Reveals Their New MiPad, To be Launched With a Price Tag of $240.


Xiaomi Reveals Their New MiPad, To be Launched With a Price Tag of $240.

The Chinese mobile company, Xiaomi, has recently announced the release of its tablet that shall go along with its colorful high-spec, low-cost smartphones. During the event at Beijing, CEO of Xiaomei, Lei Jun, had revealed the MiPad, a 7.9-inch tablet, that’s set to go against the iPad mini. While the names may be somewhat similar, the design between two are what make it seems somewhat identical between the too.

 Specs and Feats.

The Xiaomi Mipad has been priced tagged at quite an astonishing number with it totaling around $240, making it quite the bargain, arriving with 16GB base model with Wi-Fi only. Other available options would be a 64GB Wi-Fi-only model priced at around $270. With those kinds of prices, everyone can get a hold of some highly impressive specs. The current release date has not been disclosed, but Xiaomi plans to float out an open testing phase , for some early adopters sometime during June.

The Mipad has become the first device to be integrated with a Nivdia Tegra K1 SoC with its four ARM Cortex A-15 cores clocked at 2.2GHz, companion core for non-intensive operations or idling, and a 192-core Kepler GPU. Users of this device can definitely expect some amazing performance, great batter life, and splendid high-resolution gaming on this tablet.

Coming back to the subject of its high-resolution, the MiPad has a 7.9-inch Sharp display with and jaw dropping resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels, and a pixel density of 324 ppi. This is identical to the new iPad mini with Retina display. There’s 2GB of RAM on board, quite an amazing amount of processing power. To back up all these feats, the Internal storage will be either 16 or 64GB, as mentioned before, and also comes along with a microSD card slot for a total of 12GB.

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