Xiaomi Preps Up for Philippine Launch As it Rolls Out its Webpage.


Xiaomi Preps Up for Philippine Launch As it Rolls Out its Webpage.

One of China’s largest consumer electronics, Xiaomi, has previously mention its plans of expanding its business product globally into more than 10 markets during this year alone. These chosen location to spread its presence include, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, followed by Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico, beginning with its Mi 3 flagship smartphone that wen on sale during the previous month in some of the countries mention above.

Philippine Roll Out.

And as of recently, The Chinese mobile device maker has announced with some more good news, with the company currently preparing to launch its flagship smartphones and tablet devices as they have manage to already set up their official webpage for the Philippines dubbed as “Xiaomi Pilipinas.”

The webpage is headlined as “Xiaomi Pilipinas!”with the subtitle displaying “Waiting for Mi? We’re coming soon!” with mi.com/ph being at the end of their url. At the moment, the page doesn’t contain much content, aside from the company’s logo, a photograph of beautiful island of Boracay, a link to the Xiaomi Philippines official Facebook page. To help boost up its strategic plans, Xiaomi has also simplified its Web domain to Mi.com as it continues to seek out ways to appeal towards the global consumers.

It’s a guarantee that the webpage will be highly populated by Xiaomi consumer electronic products such as its very own flagship smartphone lineup tablet PCs, set-up Mi Box, Mi Power Bank and its also expected of a 47-inch 2D TV as soon as the company has officially arrived into the Philippines.

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