Xiaomi Officially Expands Into Malaysia With The Release of Its Mi3.


Xiaomi Officially Expands Into Malaysia With The Release of Its Mi3.

Looks like the ever popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has decided to take another grand step when it comes to expanding overseas, with recent plans announced that it will be launching its service into the country of Malaysia, With its Mi 3 flagship smartphone going on sales sometime tomorrow.


The 16GB version of the Mi 3 will retail for RM889 (US$277) unlocked. To mark down this launching of the Xiaomi’s handset in Malaysia, the company has decided to release an exclusive customed theme in its store that can be used alongside the MIUI. It’s highly-customizable firmware based on Android.

Xiaomi has also promised to release its other products into Malaysia as soon as they can. The Redmi1S, Xiaomi’s budget Android phone that Boasts updated specs compared to its predecessors, the Redmi, will be launching into Malaysia during the coming next month, and should be making its grand appearance in Singapore around the same time frame as well. Xiaomi first expanded its presence beyond China during February when it managed to launch its Redmi into Singapore, before going on to release Mi 3 there as well.


This recent Malaysian launch comes right after Xiaomi had revealed during the previous month that it be expanding into 10 more countries this coming year, beginning with Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, followed by Russia, Turkey, Brazil, and Mexico. In order to help further move its plans ahead, Xiaomi has managed to simplify its Web domain down to Mi.com as it seeks out to appeal the international audience.

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