Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Sell out In less Then Two minutes.


Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Sell out In less Then Two minutes. 

Seems that Xiaomi has received even more exciting news, well exciting for them and possible frustrating for some. Recent reports have flown in stating that the third round of Xiaomi sales, for 5,000 Mi Power Banks, have manage to sellout in less then two minutes. The official numbers provided by Xiaomi Malaysia is 1 minute, two seconds. Indeed, it seems that this round has manage to break the previous record for this time it had taken for the devices to sell out, and its sure to make Mi fans increasingly irate.


Interestingly enough, during this time around, those who did manage to place their orders for the Mi Power Banks did so with barely any problems. Those who manage to gain a purchase stated that the experience this time around was a far better improvement, without necessarily having to refresh the page repeatedly to have their orders process through.

Amazingly enough, stock were completely sold out in less then two minutes after they were placed up for sale. At the moment, a quick check on Xiaomi Malaysia’s Facebook page shows the very same complaint’s, with more and more frustrated users clamoring this is some sort of marketing scam.


Although, this second round of sales has already show that the ordering process can be quite problematic, with some managing to order multiple times within the very short span of time, gathering up the stocks to sell at a inflated price. It seems that more people have manged to find our on how to utilize these kind of skills, including direct links, towards multiple orders done.

With the way there products is selling out, it seems quite clear that its starting to cause damage to the brand, especially with its close relationship with its fans. We’ll have to wait and see how Xiaomi Malaysia will respond to these recent allegation.

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