Xiaomi Announces The Launch Date for India, July 8th.


Xiaomi Announces The Launch Date for India, July 8th.

With its previous successes in other country, Chinese smartphone developer, Xiaomi, is currently preparing for its very first launch within India during the next coming week. The company has uploaded a teaser on its India website stating that it shall reveal its very first smartphone for Indie during July 8th. A while back it had been announced that Xiaomi would launch its smartphone within Flipkart every own e-commerce platform.



According to various sources, Xiaomi has plans of launching both the their Mi3 and RedMi smartphones into India at first. It shall also launched a few accessories to go along side them, which shall include a 10,400 mAh power bank. There are currently no words on wether they also plan to launched their MiPad into India, though there might be a chance that it mostly likely won’t happen, unless sales prove to be worthy of them spending even more of their technology into the country. Xiaomi has manage to hire Jabong co-founder  Manu Kumar Jain to head the operations within India.

During this week Xiaomi had announced that it mange to successfully sell over 26.1 million smartphones during the first half of 2014 alone, Which surpasses their previous record for the entirety of their previous year, which was 18.7 million. Xiaomi’s smartphone sales have qaudrupled from those during the first half of 2013 and it shall only continue to grow even more faster as the company plans to expand outside of their home based country of China, these chosen location are India and Brazil among eight other markets this year. One to wonder about is if Xiaomi will be capable of keeping up with the production rate for the increasing demands for their phones.


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