Xiaomi Announces Its First Wearable Device.


Xiaomi Announces Its First Wearable Device.

Famously known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has teamed up with the wearables fray as its revealed recently its very first wearable device, as fitness band for a total of CNY79 ($13).

The Mi band comes along with a sensor for tracking various health metrics and can even act as an alarm clock.

Fitness Band.

CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, recently went up the stage to show off the company’s latest fitness band, explaining that the had tried all sorts of competing device in the past but none of them ever appealed to him. To spurn its competitors, Lei stated that Xiaomi has worked to make their Mi band stand out with a few main features, in particular, it can last over 30 days on full charge, and is completely waterproof with an 1967 standard.

Another interesting feature is that the Mi Band cal also unlock a Xiaomi smartphone, eliminating the inconvenience of having to punch in a password multiple times a day.

There’s no doubt at all that Xiaomi is computing mainly for the price as it hopes for this new fitness track to appeal towards its loyal fan base. Although, as wearables begin to pick up, the Mi Band with its lasting battery life, several designs and alluring price, seems to be set for a popularity climb beyond that of its Mi fans.


Lei unveiled the future plans for the Mi band which include to develop it into a personal ID, which will allow user to unlock their door when they’ve come home or switch on smart appliances and gadgets, for instance.

Lei also has some grand ambitions for the gadgets to become the “world’s most popular fitness band” let’s see what will happen as it reaches selves, as Lei didn’t reveal to many specific dates for when it shall be launched for sale, nor any mention on international  launch plans.

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