World Domain Day 24th August 2014 Hyderbad, India.


World Domain Day 24th August 2014 Hyderbad, India.

This Sunday the 24th August at the Avasa Hotel, High Tech City, Hyderbad, India.

WDD (World Domain Day) is an international event for the promotion of domain names and to educate people on building successful online businesses.

A WDD spokeswoman said, “WDD is being held in India for the first time on 24.08.14. Join us to network with hundreds of domain investors, web professionals, startups and venture capitalists to learn all about creating successful businesses online! Register for the event to listen to international speakers, receive exclusive offers, gifts and much more. Learn about the importance of domain names and e-commerce in the developing and fast growing Indian market.”

World Domain Day


In conjunction with the event WDD will be holding an online auction for premium domains. This auction will be hosted at Please see the website for the link to the auction.

A WDD spokeswoman continued, “Several high profile .com,s are confirmed for this auction including: Motor Racing’s daddy of them all ‘’ a ‘sports advertisers’ dream domain. ‘’ an amazing news/media web address opportunity.”

“” must be the finest ‘Business’ domain available for sale. A quick check on Google produced 1.23 billion returns for the search ‘business services’ In 1999 sold for $7.5 million and was developed out and resold in 2007 for $345 million. The sale of must now surely present a serious commercial development opportunity.”

More Information:

Please visit for more insight.

A Selection of Additional Domains Available at the auction include:

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