Woowa Brothers Launches A New Order Taking App For Restaurant Owners.


Woowa Brothers Launches A New Order Taking App For Restaurant Owners.

The service provider of Korea’s number one mobile food delivery application, Woowa Brothers, “Beadal Minjok” , which means ‘the People of Deliver”, have recently released another smartphone application for restaurant operators to take and process the delivery orders made form the “Baedal Minjok” application.


The “Beadal Minjok order-taking application” was released on June 2nd and ca be used by delivery business owners who selected the application order taking method. This application simplifies the order process by enabling a fast and accurate order processing and reduces broker fees to the  application operator.

With the application, the restaurant owners will be able to notify the orders with alarms and push notification on their smartphones. When they check the orders by pressing the “order-taking” button and input expected delivery time, the order taking process is just over. The estimated delivery time is sent back to the one who  placed the order through text messages.

With this process, business owners will be able to save time from writing down the delivery addresses. Also, they can check the ordered menus and addresses by using their smartphones, they can process the order much more accurately. It’s mobile owner site” helps the owner check the sales, number of orders during the week and manage reviews from the Baedal Minjok application user on their satisfaction level.


The broker fee through the application is the very same with orders that are taking terminals with 6-7 percent, somwhat lower with 9 percent of the call center of the delivery application. Restaurants with over more than 100 orders during the previous month can benefit from a 0.5 percentage point discount brokerage. At the moment, the application is only supported under Android based devices.

Kim Bong-jin, president of Woowa Brothers, said, “The order taking app can support the restaurant management by helping fast and accurate order taking processes. We will provide better services for both business owners and delivery app users.”

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