With$66,795 Raised in 8 days, This Crowdfunded Game is On Its Way to Success.


With$66,795 Raised in 8 days, This Crowdfunded Game is On Its Way to Success.

Gamers based within Singapore may have remembered this really grand campaign push for the very famous first-person parkour title known as Mirrors Edge during the years of 08-09. A couple of years after that whole event, three individuals have decied to form a development team that’s been dubbed Midgar Studio, shall be working on the memory of that spectacular series.


The game has been named Hover:Revolt of Gamers it’s a single/ multiplayer cel-shaded first-and-third person action game where plays and a group of other online friends shall race from one end to the other in a non-linear and non-constrictive design in a futuristic setting. These groups of players will be labeled as Gamers and they’re in charge of revolting against the in-game authorities for banning entertainment and freedom.

Unlike normal parkour athletes, these gamers will run much quicker, jump from crazy amounts of heights and grind on rails with no stop being put to them. Its will also be possible for the players of this game to use Oculus Rift to enrich themselves even further into the game. Aside from Mirror Edge, the game has also taken inspiration from Sega’s cel-shaded skating adventure game, Jet Set Radio and films such as The Fifth Element and Star Wars.


The Kickstarter campaign has gone quire well for the projects, as it acquired over $66,795 within its first eight days and exceeded its $38,000 milestone goal. This means that one of its major goals have been reached, Which was to get the composer from Jet Set Radio, Hideki Naganuma to create the game’s soundtrack.

The game has will be released for the PC, Mac, Linux systems, Xbox One and PlayStation 3. The developers are also planning to do a release for the Wii U version as well, which includes asymmetric gameplay and local multplayer modes, provided that the street goals for this session is reached. For those who are interested in contributing to the this fun looking game, please follow the provided Kickstarter link.

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