Wing Up, The latest Game To Come out From Vietnam.


Wing Up, The latest Game To Come out From Vietnam.

There have been a huge amount of Flappy Bird clones to pop up ever since the simple, yet addictive game had set record charts across the globe. However there have been some innovation on the original concept from Dong Nguyen’s dotGEARS with games such as Freaking Math or Mr.Flap, most games have stayed on course of the original  ”creature goes through pipes” gameplay. And after the hype of 2048, some developers have even tried to combine the two successful hits.


Even so, new games continue to launch out of Vietnam. Games such as School Cheater, 1Path, Chien, Binh, Sky Garden, and more have shown that Vietnam has a strong gaming community.Vietnam’s capital Hanoi is the main home to Dong Nguyen, and its where many well established Vietnamese mobile gaming studios have decided to take residence. Only a few steps of separation exist between some of the founders of these games and Flappy Bird own creator.

And as of recently a new comer has decided to join the field with their game called Wing Up, an Android and iOS game that’s been inspired by Flappy Bird and Nintendo. Wing Up arrived from a developer by the name of Tung Hoang, also based out on Hanoi.

Lists of Basic.

Wing Up shares the same very keys principles of mobile gaming that Flappy Bird had also employed. A bunch of the more simpler mobile games that tend to come out these days follow the same footprints so its worth point thing out:

  • Singular level: This makes it so that the game is compressed to the most basic action, can you do it or not? It also allows it to be far easier to pass the mobile to someone else so they can play it too.
  • Very easy to replay: One of the key things dotGEARS did was make it so easy to restart Flappy Bird. Although it was frustrating when the bird died, restarting was instant. This also made it easy to spend hours on a game that took less than a minute to play.
  • Simplified retro graphics: Flappy Bird is certainly not a pioneer of retro games on mobile. Long before Flappy Bird hit the scene, many mobile games used old-school graphics. This is a motif that all the clones and admirers have taken on.
  • Mobile ads: Especially for Vietnamese developers, one of the biggest lessons from the success of Flappy Bird is that there is some serious money to be made on mobile ads. After all, Dong Nguyen was reporting making over $50,000 a day from Flappy Bird.

Each of these key features can be easily found on Wing Up, which put its own spin on a bird flying through space.

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