WhiteSpace Alliance Welcomes Saankhya Labs As Its Latest Partners.


WhiteSpace Alliance Welcomes Saankhya Labs As Its Latest Partners.

The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA), a global industry organization enabling sharing of underutilized spectrum, today announced that Saankhya Labs has joined the organization.

Saankhya Lab. 

Saankhya Labs is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the development of Software Defined Radio (SDR) communications processors and modules supporting a broad range of emerging data communication standards. Powered by its award-winning Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, Saankhya chipsets combine low power, cost efficiency and small footprint, making them ideally suited to building globalized designs for applications such as TV White Space (TVWS), Machine to Machine (M2M) communication and Internet of Things (IoT). Saankya was featured in the 2014 Global edition of Electronic Engineering Times “Silicon 60: Hot Startups to Watch” list.

“Saankhya Labs is excited to be associated with White Space Alliance and we believe WSA will be our key partner to help us stay abreast of technology and regulatory developments in the TVWS domain” said Mr. Parag Naik, CEO, Saankhya Labs. “We plan to implement WSA Wi-FAR™ specification and offer interoperable Base station and CPE modem solutions using whitespaces and shared spectrum for enabling rural broadband. We believe that the Wi-FAR specification implemented on our chipsets is ideally suited for mass deployments in countries like India where ubiquitous broadband connectivity will enable better delivery of distance education and telemedicine among other applications.”

“Saankhya Labs is a great example of the leading edge companies from an emerging market such as India that are helping WSA move the industry forward”, said Dr. Apurva N. Mody, Chairman of WhiteSpace Alliance. “Advancements in semiconductor development are critical to decreasing costs and speeding time to market for whitespace solutions.”

Whitespace Alliance.

WhiteSpace Alliance, developer of Wi-FAR and WSAConnect interoperability specifications, has a following of more than 200 major commercial, academic, government and regulatory organizations around the world. WSA member organizations benefit from access to technical specifications that decrease development costs; expanded access to global markets, regulators and government agencies; and ongoing marketing support at no additional cost. Consumers benefit from a multi-vendor, interoperable ecosystem that brings down the overall cost of broadband access.

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