Weibo Begins to Launch It’s Very First Mobile Game.


Weibo Begins to Launch It’s Very First Mobile Game.

The Popular Chinese micro blogging site that’s been compared to that of Twitter, Weibo, has recently launched its very first game with their new mobile application during Tuesday in an attempt to enhance its presence within the mobile market.


Weibo’s latest mobile application has included a social networking platform, an online gaming center and a World Cup themed game. According to Technode, the World Cup themed game has manage to garner a recorded amount of more then 10 million user within only a few days from its initial launching.

One of out of two games that will be released every month shall offer its mobile application users a large variety, amount up to at least 10 mobiles games expected to be released near the end of this year.

User should look forwards to seeing games from all sorts of third party developers as Weibo recently announced that it plans ot offer an open platform for external develop through a game distribution services.

Besides the amazing games coming out, also included on the new application shall be a social platform that allows registered to comment and review on various mediums such as literature, movies, food, and other related topics pertaining to life.


Earlier during this year, Weibo had become listed on the U.S. stock exchange, NASDAQ. It’s recently manage to collaborated with Alibaba through Aliplay and launched its own payment service named Weibo Payment, which is believed become a part of Weibo’s game distribution service.

As the company continues to search out different ways to continue increasing its own revenues and extends its user reach, the company plans to provide high quality entertainment and services that would seamlessly integrate into their clients mobile lifestyles, Stated Zheng Wei, Weibo’s vice manager.

China’s mobile gaming market has continued to escalate over the past recent month, and is expected to increase over 59 percent to 23.6 billion yuan, approximately around $ 3. 8 billion, nearing the end of 2014.

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