Weddingku, The Indonesia-based Wedding Platform For Engaged Couples.


Weddingku, The Indonesia-based Wedding Platform For Engaged Couples.

A wedding may be one of the most gorgeous and amazing thing to happen in someone life, but it can be quite difficult in preparing a huge one. The couple will need to contact,compare and make lot of various choices for each part, including picking out a caterer, photographer, and venue. For those who are holding their wedding in Indonesia, then they can look up WeddingKu, which currently contains one of the most comprehensive option to help people find the correct services.


Weddingku has all the solution to a wedding ceremony for those who are living in Indonesia, as a wedding planner, online directory, forum, and e-commerce. Its site offers the most extensive online directory of wedding merchant in Indonesia with over 10,000 listed merchants on the site. The company will also be selling a romantic honeymoon package, as well as other wedding-related paraphernalia such as wedding souvenirs, ceremonial items, and wedding gift. Wedding also produces its own monthly magazine and holds wedding festivals every once in a while.

Weddingku first set themselves on the path of becoming Indonesia’s main wedding portal about 12 years ago. The team had originally developed the site knowing that online wedding portals were one of the few tech business that managed to survice the dotcom bubble within the US. Beside having to work on Weddingke, the team makes ends meet by running a develop company by the name of Menaravisi.


At the moment, the Weddingku team is made of up 60 people and has offices in places such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali. The website has recorded more than 50,000 visitors who visit the site with over five million pages every week.

One of their main challenges for the team was having to constantly hire new members through the use of continual promotions. Old members, which were couples who have already gron through marriage, may not plan their second wedding anytime soon. On the average, Weddingku goes though about new members everyday. and targets the minimum of 60,000 members just this year.

Even during all this time, it still quite difficult to run a pure online wedding business. “Wedding portal businesses need to combine both an online and offline presence”, says Raharja. It’s one of the main reasons why they have magazine and organize expos. Weddingku’s online revenue comes mainly from advertising and its e-store.

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