WeChat Will Now Add JD.COM To It’s Instant Messaging Platform


WeChat Will Now Add JD.COM To It’s Instant Messaging Platform

Tencent, the parent company of Wechat announced that they will officially be adding JD.com as apart of their instant messaging platform. Tencent owns about 15% of JD.com in which the company put 215 million dollars into it back in March. Wechat have been integrating ecommerce on their platform for a while, but that was for QQ wanggou and Paipai. Now Wechat will be officially transferring all of those to JD.com for an all around integration.


In addition to that, Wechat will also make JD.com as apart of their main menu. That way users can easily access to JD.com just like how users can easily access to their settings or stickers shop. All of the items sold through wechat’s platform will be integrated with Wechat’s mobile payment system.

For those that don’t know JD.com is one of the most popular ecommerce sites in China. The site sells everything from cameras to cell phones to bed sheet to fashion and many more other products. Wechat on the other hand is looking to become one of the best overall platforms for everything in the technology field. One of their most popular function is their mobile payments that taxis and other retailers are currently using as apart of their POS system.

Originally, Wechat’s ecommerce stores only included stickers and other virtual items, but now Wechat will be bringing ecommerce into the game due to the increase of mobile users and mobile shoppers in China. The tech war between the tech giants in China will continue as we see more and more acquisition, investments, and new features being released everyday.

You can purchase from JD.com even if you are in the USA, just visit their english version of the site.

For those who want a glimpse of how JD.com looks like check out their official site here:


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