WeChat Sets Up an Official E-commerce Stores For Verified Accounts.


WeChat Sets Up an Official E-commerce Stores For Verified Accounts.

China’s most popular messaging application, WeChat, has committed some huge step towards transforming its platform after including some features on Weixin, the name for the Chinese version of WeChat, for its official account owners who can now set a up a shop within the application,


However, not every single user will be allowed to to sell their item through WeChat. Only those who have managed to verify their official account, Those which make up a brand, that have already been connected with WeChats payments API will be able to open an e-commerce store. This means that merchants such as Adidas, will now be able to sell their own brand of items towards potential customers with having to necessarily direct them towards places outside the application.

During an announcement made on Weixin’s QQ page gives potential merchants the instructions needed towards setting up a shop. Its straightforward as simply listing their items for sale under certain categories. Afterwards, the user will be able to manage their stocks and monitor the sales amount all though the use of Wechat itself.


Wechat decided to turn on the monetization switch during the previous year, and already it has begone to predict to gather over $1.1 billion worth in revenue during this year. So far though, Tencent has only been utilizing WeChats payment capability to maintain for in-game purchases, flash sales, online-to-offline transactions and a few shopping platforms it sets up and operates by itself.

The company’s latest steps towards incorporating an entire e-commerce system within WeChat allowing third-parties to build their own separate stores, marks down its ambition in developing a ‘sticky’ place where user may not only send messages to one another, but can also play games, shop and purchase sundries, all without having to exit the application. This happens right after Tencent manage to take over a 15 percent stake within Chinese only retailer JD.com and following on through with an additional five percent stake after its most recent U.S. IPo, which raised a total of $1.78 billion.

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