WeChat Integrates Taxi-booking App Easy Taxi.


WeChat Integrates Taxi-booking App Easy Taxi.

It’s been known for quite a while now that WeChat has steadily continued to transform into something beyond that of a simple messaging service by offering new feeds, games, and a brand outreach through official accounts, but as of recently it’s decide to soar even higher by providing services.

Easy Taxi.

WeChat will now be able to book a taxi from within the application as it’s recently announced a partnership with Easy Taxi, with a pilot beginning in Singapore. The version of WeChat available in China, Weixin, offers far more features than WeChat and already contains a taxi-booking function in place since January of this year, which has garnered over 21 million taxi rides in over just a month.

All one simply must do in Singapore is to follow Easy Taxi’s official WeChat account EasyTaxiSGP and click on ‘Call Taxi’, which will then lead the user towards a request page. At the moment, users will need to log onto their EasyTaxi account before they can book a taxi though. The two companies have stated that in a coming weeks, Easy Taxi will be integrating its cashless payment feature onto the WeChat platform, which would make the process a lot more convenient.

EasyTaxi WeChat 730x431 WeChat lets you book taxis directly in app with Easy Taxi partnership, starting with Singapore


Easy Taxi’s tie-up with WeChat happens as its competitor GrabTaxi has been causing waves and soaring in popularity throughout the Southeast Aisa region,

Along with this partnership, Easy Taxi is currently offering S$5 ($4) off on taxi fares for booking made through WeChat, while Taxi drivers will also be receiving an additional $1 for each successful booking till the end of this month,

This taxi-booking team up with Wechat shall be extended towards other countries where both the messaging application and Easy Taxi are available, which is quite the large list, with Easy Taxi have a presence in over 30 countries. Rocket Internet, the parent company of Easy Taxi, is also looking for ways to integrate it other services including online food delivery firm FoodPand onto WeChat.

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