WeChat Gains The Feature To Recall Sent Messages.


WeChat Gains The Feature To Recall Sent Messages.

WeChat has become one of the latest messaging application that has pulled a move that is similar to that of Snapchat’s short lived book, by introducing a new feature on its iOS application that allows user to recall their previous message they have sent within the past two minutes. All they have to do is long press the message to activate a series of options click ‘Unsend’ and the messages will disappear from both the user chat screen and the recipient’s. This feature shall also work on photos.


The update is currently live for the iOS application, but those with Android devices will have to wait a while longer before they get a hand on this option, after all, a new update was just launched for the Android application that introduced a messaging translation feature that was previously available for the iOS version.

While the recall feature may not technically bring WeChat in the ephemeral messaging space since user have to delete the messages manually, the fact taht they can do so now is a head to that appeal of fleeting messages that Snapchat spearheaded. on the other hand, snapchat has recently made a move into becoming just like other mainstream messaging application by introduciing a private message and video call.

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For the current moment, the iOS version of WeChat’s Chinese counterpart, Weixin has also gained an update recently that allows user to deposit money into their wallet within the application, then transfer money to their friends or make payments directly without having the leave the application.

Enabling one-click payment is has made them commit a grand step into reinforcing Wexin’s e-commerce ecosystem, as it cuts down on the numbers of steps involved in making purchases in-app. Since user already have money inside their wallet, they don’t have to allow access to their online banking account repeatedly.

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