WayGo Arrives On Android With Chinese And Japanese Translations.


WayGo Arrives On Android With Chinese And Japanese Translations.

After waiting for a long period of time, visual language translation application Waygo has recently launched for the Android. The application has included at the same functions that can be found on its iOS counterpart, including the recently integrated support for Japanese language.


Waygo in one of the finest on-camera recognition(OCR) translators that is currently available in the market, for those who are traveling towards China and Japan. Unlike most other incomprehensible or ridiculous literal translation that tend to be the result of many dictionary apps, Waygo’s vocabulary is designed for travel purposes.

The California-based startup next objective are to include developing translation work for English-to-Chinese instead of just Chinese-to-English, support for Thai and Korean, and possibly port their app onto Windows Phone and BlackBerry.


During the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), Co-founder of Waygo Ryan Rogowski took the the stage in order to explain the long-term plans in store for them. He spoke today about his enthusiasm for wearable movement, especially those related to augmented reality. Rogowsky stated that he wants to eventually place Waygo onto Google Glass,  by simply looking at text in different language and the translation shall appear in front of the wearers eyes.

Althouhg, Google Glass still has some design challenges that makes the OCR translation a bit of a finicky prospect.

“The camera on Google Glass is not that good. There’s no zoom feature. There’s no autofocus. There’s no auto-exposure.”

This means hat all of those features will have to be programmed into the application. Additionally, Waygo for Glass will have to be trained when to display a translation and when to stay silent. But as hardware limitation are surpassed and the OCR technology continues to improve, this could become one of the strongest uses for Google Glass and other augmented reality wearables.

Waygo is currently available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play, The free version only allows 10 lines of translation per day, and the paid version is priced at $6.99 for a lifetime usage.

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