VividWorks Featured in Gartner’s Augmented Reality Vendor.


VividWorks Featured in Gartner’s Augmented Reality Vendor.

VividWorks, the global leader in providing home furnishings manufacturers and retailers with online 3D product configuration, interior design and visualization technology, announced today it has been included in Gartner’s New Market Guide: Augmented Reality Vendors [i].


VividWorks is the only company listed in Gartner’s guide focused on providing the global home furniture manufacturing and retail industry with an augmented reality solution and was included as part of their wider market analysis.

“We are very pleased to have been selected to be included in Gartner’s new Market Guide for Augmented Reality Vendors” said VividWorks North American VP, John “JT” Thompson. “VividWorks works tirelessly to provide our customers with the very best online 3D interior design and visualization technology, and we believe our inclusion in this report, (exclusive to our industry focus), is a solid indicator that we are the leaders in providing this innovative and important technology to our existing and future customers. ”

The Market Guide defined the augmented reality market as; “…enriches the user’s interaction with the physical, real-world environment through descriptive text, graphics, images, audio, video and other value-added digital information. It is this real-world element that differentiates augmented reality from virtual reality. From a marketing and sales opportunity perspective, augmented reality helps educate buyers faster and more effectively. Buyers move into the purchase path better armed with information and knowledge that is often personalized to their needs, tastes and real-time shopping environments.”

VividWorks offers an industrial grade, online 3D design-to-purchase platform that enables real time visual verification of any interior content – at any time, and enables customers to make a purchase within minutes. VividWorks specializes in bringing usability for sales solutions with an intuitive user experience, combining Augmented Reality seamlessly with 3D and real-time back-office, e-commerce and ERP integration.

VividWorks has a global customer base with offices in Finland, USA, Denmark, Singapore and Japan.

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