Visualead To Integrate Animated QR Codes Into Renren’s Mobile App.


Visualead To Integrate Animated QR Codes Into Renren’s Mobile App.

An offline-to-Online and visual QR code startup named Visualead, has recently announced its cooperations with Renren, a leading Chinese social network, in order to integrate Visualead’s Visual QE code technology into Renren’s mobile application for iPhone and Android.


Visualead’s technology turns any image, profile picture, GIF animation, and even video into an engaging and effective Visual QR Code, which can be quite easily scanned by any QR code reader. Similar to that of other large social networks based in Asia, and as of recently, Facebook, Renren utilizes QR Codes to allow users easily connect with one another. Through Visualead’s technology, Renren’s 200 million users can now enjoy fun animations at their personal QR codes for building new friendships.

Renren is the very first social network globally to integrate Visualead’s innovative Visual QR Code technologu

The new Animation Visual QR Codes delight and entertain Renren’s users, strengthening their engagement with Renren and its app,” said Nevo Alva, Visualead’s CEO. “QR codes are very effective in their functionality, but their traditional monochrome layout is not meaningful or appealing to people. Visual QR Codes are far more engaging and effective; when consumers see our Visual QR Codes, and especially the animated ones, they are intrigued to engage with the code and explore the mobile experience that awaits them. We’ve found out that consumers are up to 4 times more likely to scan our Visual QR Codes than a regular black and white code.”


Visualead is an O2O and QR Code technology startup with offices based in Israel and China, servicing over 350,000 enterprises, agencies and business utilizing its platform to create Visual QR Codes and mobile campaigns. Through its patent-pending Visual QR Code technology and mobile marketing O2O platform, Visualead helps businesses connect witht their customers ether Offline or Online through an exciting and effecting mobile expereince.

Visualead had managed to win 1st place in China’s most prestigious Global Mobile Internet Conference startup competition during 2013 and additional awards from E&Y Journey and Isreal Machine Vision Conference.

Based on the success of this new feature, Renren and Visualead plan to expand their cooperation with additional creative ways to utilize the potential of Visual QR codes.

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