Vietnam’s Favorite Dropbox, Kleii, Makes A Comeback Due To Telecom Partnership


Vietnam’s Favorite Dropbox, Kleii, Makes A Comeback Due To Telecom Partnership

During October of the previous year, Kleii, Vietnam’s equivalent of dropbox, had gone down under. The service accumulated over more that one million users, unfortunately its business model was hemorrhaging money


CEO of Kleii, Nguyen Tuan Son, had stated that he would be re-evaluating the service and working on a new way to release it, sometime after he shut down his service. It seems that time has finally come. As of today, Kleii’s blog announces three major steps taken to place the business back on track to being a consumer and business cloud platform. They are:

  1. Kleii has received another round of undisclosed funding from TheFarm VC. This is a Kyrgyzstan investment firm that is interested in expanding its investment portfolio into Asia.
  2. Kleii is offering a full year of free cloud service for its previously paying customers.
  3. Kleii is partnering up with Viettel, Vietnam’s top telco, to offer a new mobile cloud service.

The third announcement is far more the biggest news to those who are constantly keeping an eye on Vietnam’s startup environment. However, the details of this partnership are currently unclear, Nguyen Tuan Son has confirmed that this will be a co-branding effor and it will be a revenue sharing model. This is profoundly significant due ot it giving Kleii access to Viettel’s 60-plus million users and has also revealed Viettel’s potential new direction towards value-added services.

Rocky Climb.

Kleii had a bit of a shacky start. During March of last year it soared up to one million users so quickly that service couldn’t handle the strain of data. This lead towards it shutting down. Despite getting a round of financial funding that could keep the servers up and the team going, eventually it had to close down. Many though Kleii would forever stay in a water grave.

For those who are involved with Vietnam’s startup environment, this may be a way for new path for new avenue by partnering with telcos in the country. In the past, startups have become wary of telcos because of massive corporations are prone to replicate models they see in the market. If Kleii comes as a success, there a chance that new ventures might appear for cloud services within Vietnam.

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