Viddsee Expands Itself Into Web Series With the Release of a Mockumentary.


Viddsee Expands Itself Into Web Series With the Release of a Mockumentary.

Singapore-based video site Viddsee has recently been mainly focused on showcasing some short film since its initial launching back during February 2013. Although, it’s currently decided that its time to branch out from its current standards and benture into creating Web series.

Web Series.

The Co-founder of Viddsee, Derek Tan, has recently revealed that the company has seen an increasing demand for series content on the Web.

“A lot of this (in Asia) is also motivated by Chinese video platforms coming in with micro-cinema (short films) and TV programs now. In the US, we see Netflix creating House of Cards, and also YouTube’s drive towards playlists for Web series too,” he stated in an interview.

This Web series feature is makings grand debut with only a single program, a 20-episode mockumentary about social media, but Viddsee is currently undergoing some talks with other content creators to upload even more of these kinds of series during the on coming months.

 Derek Tan, has going on to further state that, “There’s definitely an exciting model there for us to stand side-by-side content creators as a platform, very much like how Chinese platforms like Youku are growing serial programming in China.”


The creator and produced behind this mockumentary would be Ervin Han, which features local personalities and celebrities such as George Young, Oon Shu An, Shane Mardjuki and Venessa Ann Vanderstraaten.

Han stated, “Positioning Get Social on Viddsee is far from just fitting. As a platform focussed on social sharing, Get Social gets to be social, simply with an extended lease on the internet.”

Viewers will also be able to exercise their inner television critc, and rate each episode according to the various usage of camerawork, sound, plot and acting.

As of recently, Viddsee has manage to surpass over five million unique viewers on their site. It’s more than 10 channels show content from Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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