Viber Announces New Desktop app and Sticker, 100 online users.


Viber Announces New Desktop app and Sticker, 100 online users.

Popular Japanese mobile messaging application. Viber, has recently announced that they have successfully reached a milestone of over 100 concurrent online users, according to a recently official release. Viber has also recently released its very own, newly designed desktop version of their messaging service, with an all new revamped UI and much easier accessibility for use to share their various appealing stickers.

“As usage increases, our priority remains the same – introducing features, adding more platforms, and improving Viber with every new version. This is exactly what we’ve done with the new Viber Desktop, and we’re really excited for our users to try it out,” said Talmon Marco, CEO, Viber.


The release statement went on to say that the new version, makes it far much easier and simpler for user to chose, and add stickers onto their conversations with a prominently displayed sticker menu that will be able to connect seamlessly side by side with their application. Viber Desktop  has been fully upgraded for a much more sophisticated video quality and performance.

Lastly, Viber has also announced that Viber’s supporting site will now become available for an extra two more languages, Spanish and Portuguese. These Languages shall be joining up with the already integrated English and Japanese ones.

So far, it seems that Viber is picking up their game even more, in hopes of catching up to their powerful rivals within the mobile messaging space. With powerful contenders such as WeChat, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, And even one of the really famously known ones that based in their country, LINE. It’s going to be really tough for Viber to continue smashing heads against these other giants, but hopefully these new feature shall give them an edge against the competition, that is if they manage to pull his off smartly.

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