Unified Inbox Makes A Deal To Purchase Cloud Solution Smak.


Unified Inbox Makes A Deal To Purchase Cloud Solution Smak.

Singapore-based Unified Inbox, a social communication and collaboration platform, has recently announced that it would be entering into an agreement in order to acquire US-based cloud solution Smak for an undisclosed amount of cash.

According to an official press release, Unified Inbox main objective is to develop LifeModes into its platform which acts as an aggregation of various communications channels like Facebook, SMS and email.

Former President, Chris Deering, Stated, “Unified Inbox is a game changer technology that could not have been envisioned 2 years ago but which will become as ubiquitous in 2 years, as Facebook does.”


Basically, LifeModes will become Smak’s own brand of selling points as it helps the user sort out incoming information from their email accounts and social networks and increase their productivity in doing so. For this matter, Messages shall be classified according to different modes of Life the user is currently in.

“We watched the ideas of mysmak.com evolve over their time of operation, and are very excited to team up with them to incorporate these ideas into upcoming versions of Unified Inbox,” said Toby Ruckert, Founder and CEO, Unified Inbox. Furthermore, Unified Inbox’s app on the iOS platform has garnered feedback along the lines of needing better tools to juggle messages from various channels.

“All along our journey, we have been in discussions with Unified Inbox about how to possibly work together, as both teams realised the great potential of joining our ideas. Hence, we’re happy to be able to do so now on a solid foundation,” said Matt Hooper, Co-Founder and CEO, Smak.

Anyone who is interest can request an invitation at the Unified Inbox main webpage or simply download the iPhone applications.

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