Unified Inbox Announces an Update for its Flagship Product.


Unified Inbox Announces an Update for its Flagship Product.

A Singapore-based firm with operations in India, Germany and New Zealand, Unified Inbox, has recently announced an new upgrade for its flagship product Unified Inbox.


Named the InboxRank, it’s a sorting tool function from a smart algorithm fashioned to enhance inbox management, It’s leverages on SAP’s HANA platform, which combines database, processing and application platform capabilities into a single service.

Unified Inbox’s flagship product is a cloud-based unified communication and social collaboration platform that centralizes external conversations, social engagement and internal team collaboration into a platform, cohesive user experience. It’s allows employees to be able to communicate much more efficiently with prospects, colleagues, customers or other stakeholders.

Combining these technologies will allow information works and professionals to manage their personal priorities as well as unify communication streams. Including social medial channels, email, SMS, instant messaging, OTT (Over The Top) players and other communication products and channels. Dynamic algorithms are designed to manage inbox data in real-time, while adapting to the context of a user’s objectives and behaviors in order to optimize its efficiency and user experience.


Founder and CEO of Unified Inbox, Toby Ruckert, stated, “We chose to leverage the SAP HANA platform in our Unified Inbox app as we could see how well it handled Big Data, predictive analytics and real-time processing of algorithms on top of vast amounts of information from different sources.”

Head of Research and Development at Unified Inbox, Aby Varghese, disclosed upon the SAP assigned to dedicated technology architect in order to assist its development teach, which has gone to help Unified Inbox greatly in managing the difficulties and complexities of developing its product interface with SAP’s HANA platform.

She pointed out that,“Once we got into it, we were able to process our complex queries with ease – just the way we envisioned it.”

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