ULDAGE Announces Call for Patents Essential to UHDTV.


ULDAGE Announces Call for Patents Essential to UHDTV.

ULDAGE Inc. made a call for patents essential to the 4K and 8K Ultra High-Definition Television (“UHDTV”) standards on August 25. UHDTV is expected to be the next generation in digital television broadcasting.


ULDAGE now licenses a package of more than 500 patents relating to the current high-definition television standards (“ISDB”). This license has played a key role in the resolution of patent issues in the market and promoted the growth of the digital television broadcasting system in Japan.

The purpose of this call is to create a scheme of a one-stop patent license under fair and reasonable terms and to serve to promote the UHDTV market in Japan. Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center (“JIPAC”), a group of independent patent experts, evaluates and determines the essentiality of the patents to the UHDTV standards.

ULDAGE encourages any party that believes it has Japanese patents essential to the UHDTV standards to submit such patents to JIPAC by December 26, 2014 for evaluation. For those who are interested in this patent call, please go to http://www.ip-adr.gr.jp/eng/ and http://www.uldage.com/en/for more information.


ULDAGE Inc. was established in July 2006, aiming for the resolution of entanglement of patents through cooperation among parties concerned and for the creation of fair competition in this digital age. ULDAGE Inc. grants non-exclusive licenses to essential patents of multiple parties in a single package, and its business offers convenience to both patent holders and business users.

A “patent pool” is a system by which patents that relate to specific technologies or products and are held by numerous patent holders are assembled into a package of patents, and such patents are licensed for fair and reasonable conditions with a view to contributing to business expansion in the entire industry segment. ULDAGE Inc. administers a “patent pool” and grants licenses on fair and reasonable terms in a single package under essential patents for the Digital Broadcasting Standards currently held by multiple parties.

ULDAGE United License for Digital Age

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