UCWeb Gains The Attention Of Indonesian Mobile Users.


UCWeb Gains The Attention Of Indonesian Mobile Users.

Indonesia’s mobile phone users are increasing in numbers at a rapid pace as each year pass by, so its not so surprising that man firms are vying to allure them in some form or manner. One of these many firms trying to get a piece of this action is CHina-based UC Browser. The team has boasted to have become Indonesia’s third most popular mobile web browser, behind that of Opera and Androids default browser. With this reason making Indonesia one of it main markets.


UCWeb’s Internal data has claimed that one out of five mobile internet within Indonesia has UC Browser installed on their mobile device. A closely estimated amount of 50 percent of page views using UC Browser in the country have come from Android devices. The team guesses that UC Browser processes about three billion web pages in Indonesia every month.

The team has hypothesized two reasons behind this application growth in Indonesia. Firstly it’s due to the data compression feature which saves people a huge amount of money when utilizing 2G/3G/4G and also speeds up loading times, and secondly its also the way the Chinese firm  had managed to adapted towards the local markets demands, Soccer and music-related searches are an example of this localization. With so many people living in Indonesia searching for those query’s, the startup updated UC Browser to help users browse those two topics more easily.

 “Our primary strategy is to partner with local service providers and provide local users with more content and services,” says a UC Browser representative.

Staying Ahead.

According to data gathered from StatCounter  covering the past six months, UC Broswer has been able to double its market share by a total of 11 percent while in Indonesia. Market leader Opera, as the current, has recorded down a 20 percent market share drop within the nation.

UC Broswer will need to keep its vigilance strong as other competing rivals storm down on Indonesia, such as China-based Baidu Browser and Dolphin Browser, as well as Google Chrome.

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