UberHealth Teams Up with TaxiPixi to Offer Pick & Drop Services to Customers.


UberHealth Teams Up with TaxiPixi to Offer Pick & Drop Services to Customers.

A unique initiative that provides aged parents of NRI’s with preventive healthcare packages, UberHealth, has recently partnered up with TaxiPixi in an endeavor to provide its subscriber with a more efficient and troublesome free cab booking services. A truly unique smartphone application, its India’s response to GetTaxi/Hailo for Indian radio taxis.


This service allows the user to book a radio taxi in no less than 15 seconds and receive an instant confirmation for their booking makes complete perfect sense for Uberhealth.

CEO of UberHealth, Ishan jha, Stated“While we had considered various taxi services, we chose taxiPixi as it offered the smartest solution. Most of us had used their services before and have always been very impressed with how efficiently they work.”

The TaxiPixi application works on a cloud sourcing model, wherein the information entered by the consumer is simultaneously shared with every sing cab service providers within their locality. This will include the giants such as Mero Cabs, Mega Cabs, Easy Cabs and even drivers of several other smaller cabbing companies such as gCabs, Air Cabs and other taxi companies. By ensureing that enquirers generated reach all available taxi drivers, consumers are assured of almost immediate booking with multiple fare choices.


One of the key components for UberHealt’s elderly healthcare packages includes a efficient pick and drop service for senior citizens going for their daily check-ups and treatments. The brand has tied up some of the leading hospitals and path-labs in New Delhi and Ludhian. This will also include medical conglomerates such as Fortis, Apollo, Artemis, Lal Path Labs and several others. Furthermore, the UberHealth is currently in the process of tying with other highly specialized healthcare chains, doctor and diagnostic labs spread all across the two cities.

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