Uber Launches Their Uber X Services In India.


Uber Launches Their Uber X Services In India. 

After launching their services in India during the previous year. Uber has managed to recently roll out its affordable service Uber X within India. These cars shall have a price tag of Rs50 and per kilometer charge of Rs 15 as opposed to Uber Black’s price tag of Rs 90 and per kilometer charge Rs 25. It also worth nothing that the cancellation fee for Uber X is Rs 150 as opposed to Rs 200 fur Uber Black.


The vehicles that will be utilized for Uber X service includes the Maruit Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios and Nissan SUnny, while uber Black has vehicles such as Toyota Altis, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Honda Accord.

The Uber application shall now display a slide near the bottom that allows the user to select between the offering by the company.

The company has plans to continue expanding its services towards more cities across the country. For the time being Uber is currently available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderbad and Chennai. The company is search to hire operations & logistics manager, community managers, and general managers in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune and Surat.


Another thing worth pointing out is that Uber is hiring a government relation manager who shall engage policy makers, design regulatory proposals. analyze existing laws to better understand their effects on Uber’s business and work on projects to ensure that the market remains open for Uber. this position has been vital in some markets such as US and Europe where taxi unions teamed up against service similar to Uber.

Uber X will have some competition along the way, against companies such as Olacabs, Meru and TaxiForSure among others. Olacabs has a Mini offering for which it charges Rs 13 per kilometer, making its one of the cheapest services. Similarly Meru has Genie cabs. Although, there are several people who still prefer the use of Uber x since its much more reliable.


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