Uber Expands Its Services Into Saigon, Vietnam.


Uber Expands Its Services Into Saigon, Vietnam.

Uber continues to march on with its ever growing Asian expansion has it has recently announced that they have mange to launched within Saigon, Vietnam, making it the second new city this week following its arrival during in Hong Kong.


Vietnam has a very large and highly potential market, With a population that tends to exceed over a total 90 million, although the location has been a pretty backwater place for global tech firms, with recent cases such as Facebook being blocked constantly with little to no reasons. The country seems to be hold on a lot of problems that need some heavy tackling to issue and smooth out, but so far it seems that little to no progress is being made. Although this is a highly important place for Uber if they wish to cintonide developing on a global scale.

Uber’s arrival within Vietnam shall have them battle it out against two other company’s that have already had enough times to entrench themselves into the come country’s grip, those being Malaysian rival Grabtaxi, which had launched their service within the country during the past February.


Uber will most likely have to work had and run a steady campaign to show why they are the much more Superior force between itself and its new rival in Vietnam to garner some clients and drivers, although consider how popular its gotten around the world, it mostly likely wont take too much actions, especially if they offer deals to allow rivaled drivers to take a chance in driving with by offering cash like they’ve done so in the past.

What’s been seen so far they’ve manage to gain a hold of some famous local celebrities  such as Actresses Hong Anh and Chi Pu, singer Hoang Thuy Linh, and blogger Nicky Khanh Ngoc to take a ride on their services, so this may begin as a highly positive campaign for them.

Uber services has spread out towards over 100  cities worldwide, this also includes the 26 based within the Asia Pacific.

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