U Pleat Releases Galaxy S5 Experience Center On Both Web and Mobiles.


U Pleat Releases Galaxy S5 Experience Center On Both Web and Mobiles.

A web design firm named U Pleat stated recently that it has manage to launched its web and mobile application-based experience centers for the Galaxy S5 in which user can “touch” and try new features of the latest smartphone device. The web experience center was fashioned in ways for user to gain familiarity with the phone model as much as possible.


For the mobile application, it makes the usage of the “key visual’ slider that can show off the product in a 360-degree view in its “design” section. Furthermore, there are other section within the mobile application center which includes “Features” (section that allows the user to view new features in over 5 different themes, “Wearable Device”, a section that offers information on wearable devices such as the Gear Fit and Gear 2, and “Accessories.”

Galaxy S5 shimmery white front

The web-based Experience center is offered in over three languages, these include Chinese and English, as well as in Korea. The mobile application is currently available in a total of ten languages ranging from Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Germany, Russian, and lastly Korean.

A U Pleat official said, “These web and mobile experience centers are totally different from the Galaxy S5 site in Korea. For the Galaxy S5 and some accessories, a click of the ‘Buy Now’ button can take you directly to the online store where you can purchase the items.”


U Pleat is a professional digital agency that mainly focuses on the user experience fashioned and unified bran marketing by created and maintaining web and mobile sites. the company has had experience in creating a variety of financial services industry customers such KB Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank, and Citibank.

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