The Two Rivaled Food Deliverers, YoGiYo And Baedari Minjok.


The Two Rivaled Food Deliverers, YoGiYo And Baedari Minjok.

Food deliver in Korea are one of best to exist around the world, and currently there two upcoming giants fighting it out for complete total dominance.


Yogiyo had been founded by Team Europe as a somewhat copycat application of other local players, and allowed ordering by either calling the restaurant directly by utilizing the in-app messaging service. Foreigners will find that this messaging service can be really quite useful. If they don’t need to know a lick of Korea to easily order some food. With food quality that as good as restaurants made and no difference in price, delivery is the best option.

The application for YoGiYo is very quite simple to use and there are no hurdles, which demonstrates an outside source may have bee in involved with the design. a lightening bolt next to the restaurants meaning that message ordering is available. If the lightening bolt is not there, they the will have to call to persona order the food. Food within the application is organized by typing, Chinese, Korean and chicken,etc, are all placed out as well.

There also a rating system as well, Although there a high chance it might not be that much accurate, similar toward other application with reviews. Especially with Koreans having the tendency of writing amazing reviews about their own business.

Users can also choose to either pay by hard core cash or credit card. The options in the application have been placed conveniently directly under the ratings.

Incoming Rival.

YoGiYo main rivals, who are also  the first giant movement in the deliver industry based in Korea are Baedari Minjok. They have embodied their own culture home of Korea. The icons have cutesy little characters, similar to all Korean applications, and user shall see some glossy images of the food they can order up. The graphics though the application cause ordering to become more of an “experience” than ordering with YoGiGo. The quality of the photo seem to be far better then the ones on YoGiGo.

The real question behind this whole article would be, which of this application will become the number one deliver service witihin Korea?

Baedari Minjok has recently managed to secure over $10 million, in order to launch an aggressive TV marketing campaign and industry insiders have been stating that the two service will bunt heads, spending an estimated amount of $500K per month in a large-scale advertising war during the summer.


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