Tsukulink Secures $500,000 from Nissay Capital.


Tsukulink Secures $500,000 from Nissay Capital.

Japan-based Handsshare, the startup that’s behind construction industry-focused job matching platform Tsukulink, recently announced that it has manage to raise a funding amount to 50 million ten ($500,000) from Japanese investment Firm Nissay Capital.

Labor Industry.

The platform lists jobs like those of skilled laborers in the construction industry such as carpenters, builders and the like for a corporate and individual construction developers. Since its beta launching back in May 2013, the company has acquired around 650 developers and list around 3000 construction projects.

While the platform is similar to that of a bulletin board, the company will utilize the funds to develop the platform so that participating construction developers can utilizing it for the market potential customers.

Although, CEO of Tsukulink, Minoru saito launches this business due to resources and workloads not being appropriately allocated and he wanted to improve the situation. Co-founder Tatsuo Uchiyama knows this fact very well because he’s been working as a steeplejack for the past decade, Saito elaborated:

Uchiyama’s friend and fellow construction worker died of overwork. While some people break down from overwork, others suffer from a lack of work and have to find part-time work to make a living.

He stated that the ongoing growth penetration of smartphones has helped further improve the use of digital tools in within this industry because a smartphone is much more simpler to use than a PC.

This digitalization of the labor industries shall have a major impact within the coming few years, previous good expamples of these has popped around, such as Toreta, LeNet, Raksul, and Cyta.jp.

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