Tribe-Univ Secures $400,000 From CyberAgent Ventures.


Tribe-Univ Secures $400,000 From CyberAgent Ventures.

The company behind the online programming lecture service CodeCamp, Tokyo-based Tribe-Univ, has recently announced that it has manages to secure a total of 40 million yen (US$400,000) from CyberAgent Ventures.


Tribe-Univ was initially formed during the fifth edition of Incubation Camp, an intensive two-day business development program for entrepreneurs organized by Japan’s Incubate Fund. Following their $30,000 funding gained from Incubate Fund during the previous July, they launched the learning platform previously in October.

This startup has claimed a former Cybird employee previously in charge of training new employees at that company, who have developed a curriculum at Tribe-Univ for programming course. Since launching six months ago, the course has manage to gain more learners than originally expected, most of whom are entirely new to programming. To better serve these people, the company has recently launched a new course in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery.


Even non-engineers are often in need or a reminder of some basic technical understand of programming in order to efficiently connect with engineers. With that said, many website directors or designer have applied to join the courses, accounts for a total og 8o% of all learners. CodeCamp providers lectures by professional programmers on a one-to-one basis in contrast to typical online learning services, so a student may progress much quicker than if they studied at a conventional school.

The company’s CEO, Hironobu Ikeda stated that they are expecting to have a total of 1,500 students by the end of next years March. Including that of user acquisition, they have also begun to approach companies that have allowed them to adopt the platform for in-house employee training. That initiatives have received response so far.

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