When Traditional Culture Collides With An Innovative Mind.


When Traditional Culture Collides With An Innovative Mind.

For Sifan Tang and Ying Lu, it’s exciting to be awarded at the NFTE gala and exchange with the global young entrepreneurs in Washington D.C. on the behalf of the Chinese young entrepreneurs, who have been trained in the BCF entrepreneurship education program. Some ambassadors, business elite, and stars will also be attending to in the gala held in Washington to encourage these outstanding entrepreneurs.


The concept of environment protection, innovative design, fashionable figure, and rich connotation. The straw art piece is sincerely acclaimed by the customers who visit in Ying Lu’s Store.

 ’What a transformation from waste to a wonder! The flowers, stem, leaves, seeds, and roots of cattail and other plants in the field can be turned into such lively artwork! That’s the innovation of the traditional culture!’

Ying Lu, a young girl from the city of Changchun, is managing a straw art store. The entrepreneur team is composed of her teacher, straw art master Dong, her senior schoolmate, and herself. The teacher and senior schoolmate provide the commodity and Lu focuses on the management and marketing. Choosing straw art as her major startup project came from her love of the Intangible Cultural Heritage with northeast china folk tradition.

After having attended the competition, Lu has a lot of plans drawn out for the future, pursuing advanced studies and hoping to acquire a large factory to allow folks who can weave straw at hometown to work within her factory, and allowing the city to inherit the traditional culture heritage.


Sifan Tang’s card business alliance is a new mode to consolidate the discount resources of the businesses around the campus, For big customers group of students on the campus, the U-card shall provide discounts as the sales mode as well as promoting and advertising the business in the alliance for a free cost. Where the big demand of the market and resources can’t meet, Sifan Tang’s U-card business alliance saw the opportunities and developed a meaningful business mode.

At the current moment, Sifan Tang’s startup team is composed of only 4 people, they supported each other while in the process of this startup. The team made minor mistakes after the U-card project launched, and Sifan Tang took responsibility of the mistakes as he was the one in charge. But, whats even more moving is that, even through the bad outcome:

“my team didn’t blame me but showed sufficient understanding, which enabled us to work together for the solutions in front of many difficulties and let our project grow healthily.”

Now the U-card business alliance has gained a reputation on the campus, which helps them develop more business chances and development platform. Sifan Tang and his team are preparing a project called ‘the 3rd party logistics jujube cake store,’ which is to combine the store with the 3rd party logistics while the promotion project will be continued.

Photo: OSU themed birthday cake for an awesome little guy!

Future Dreams.

Whether its traditional and modern innovation or traditional and innovative tradition, if it can find a suitable use for the modern market demand after consolidating and innovating the traditional and the modern, the customers will come to consume the service.

Mrs Beth Yu, Secretary General of Bright China Foundation, said, “Bright China Philanthropic Entrepreneurship Education’ develops with the feature of how present youth pursue their dreams. We hope the program gives the youth the entrepreneurship spirit, the initiative that will guide and illuminate them to challenge themselves and persist in the striving for their future.”

“Entrepreneurship education class taught us how to find a project and start it, which is the so-called teaching one to fish rather than giving him one. I think it’s very necessary to learn these so that we can avoid the meanders on the way of starting up,” said Sifan Tang. The entrepreneurship program of Bright China Foundation has held the philosophy of teaching one to fish rather than giving him one, and paid great attention to cultivating and inspiring the students to practice, spreading the entrepreneurship spirit to let them realize and hold on their dreams to build a real future.

“The meeting with the global youth in Washington is inspiring. I have the chance to see more youth who have the same passion and initiative for entrepreneurship, and how they did and thought. I believe it will be a great impact and help to me.” Ying Lu also looks forward to the global award of entrepreneurial spirit.

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