TradeHero, The Stock Market Game Launches In Chinese for Traders In China.


TradeHero, The Stock Market Game Launches In Chinese for Traders In China.

Singapore-based mobile virtual stock market game TradeHero has recent taken a grand leap towards China by launching a Chinese version for both iOS and Android devices.

The Works.

TradeHero is somewhat similar to the concept of Fantasy Football, players being by off trading on the virtual platform with a total of $100,000 starting portfolio, and the market moves according to whatever is currently going on in real life as well. Players are then ranked on a leaderboard based on a basket of metrics, which includes how much profit they would have made if they traded in reality.

During the meantime, the Chinese version for Android is currently being hosted on the applications store of Chinese Internet giants Tencent and Baidu, which will help TradeHero Spread towards more people in the country then simply being just on Google Play.

TradeHero Chinese 730x301 TradeHero launches a Chinese version, bringing the stock market game to traders in China

More Release.

Along its release of the Chinese application version, TradeHere has also launched an update for Version 2.0, which has featured a free ‘follow’ function that allows its players to follow another player’s trade feed for them to replicate the trade if they wish to do so. Previously the game had required a fee that was priced at $1.99. Now users will only have to cash out when they upgrade to a premium subscriptions to real-time trading notifications.

This recently updated version has also introduced a new user interface with a much stronger emphasis for social sharing, with features that include a discussion forums, private messaging and a broadcasting function.

TradeHere has been available for an entire year, and has gained a total of 400,000 users in over 108 countries. Last year it had managed to raise a total funding round of $10 million.

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