Touchten and Kakao Team Up As They Embark Into Indonesia.


Touchten and Kakao Team Up As They Embark Into Indonesia.

Teaming up with The popular South Korean messaging app company, Kakao, has been of the smartest moves for Indonesia’s venture-backed Touchten Games, the company that behind the creation of Jumpin Apeach, which is only available for Bahasa Indonesia and on the Android platform. The game was the very first one to wear Kakao’s official cartoon mascots.


Two to aforementioned parties had met while in Indonesia during the previous year, after Kakao contacted a number of developers for potential partnerships, according to Co-founder and CEO of Touchten, Anton Soeharyo.

The entrepreneur further elaborated that Kakao’s main objective is to increase the chat applications user base within Indonesia through its gaming applications. As for Touchten, the deal was to acted as a ways to increase its presence for Indonesian company’s other games games with requiring an exorbitant marketing budget.

“Quality assurance,” said Soeharyo, was also factored into his decision to develop a game for Kakao. “They  are more experienced in game launching,” he stated. So the game should be pretty good  if Kakao gave it the green light.

Most mobile device gamers tend to feel in this similar manner as well, judging from the amount of review on Google Play Store. Every since its launch during the previous week, the game has totaled up to 468 reviews with an average score nearing up to four and half stars.


Although, the game could have performed much more better, should it have launched on the iOS and for English speaking users. Soeharyo pointed out that Kakao had wanted the game to become available on a more low-end devices, in order to reach out towards a much larger market.


The messaging application interest within Indonesia, one of the largest country within Southeast Asia, which isn’t much of a surprise one you take the time to think about it, and it most likely wants to erase its Japanese competitor LINE, who’s successfully enjoying over 20 million users within the archipelago, as of April 2, 2014. According to an official spokesperson from Kakao, the company has 16 million to 17 million user in Indonesia.

“They (Kakao) care about the market that they assigned a new division to overlook this new project,” added Soeharyo.

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