Tokyo Otaku Mode Begins to Sell Custom Ordered Replica Swords.


Tokyo Otaku Mode Begins to Sell Custom Ordered Replica Swords.

The startup that’s behind the Japanese subculture site of the similar name, Tokyo Otaku Mode, has recently begun to accept custom orders for replica Japanese samurai swords during the previous week, where fellow visitors would be able to order their preferred design of a sword from over 580,000 combination patterns by choosing its nine component such as hilt binding and blade types. This was made possible in collaboration with Kyoto-basd replica sword producer Kotoya.


According to the company, this would the the very first time that the e-commerce retailer has decided to accept custom order for authentic replica swords in the world. A sword shall be price tagged for a total of $279.99 including shipping fee. The final product shall be delivered in a total of three weeks after having placed the initial order.

Replica swords tend to be quite expensive nearing over $300, but it shall be relatively easy to sell these kinds of items to their user since the company contains a large following of Japanese anime fans such as Sengoku Basara and cosplay performances. The company’s co-founder Takuya Akiyama commented that they have already received plenty of orders from outside Japan.


One thing that should be pointed out, Akiyama further elaborated by stating that these replica swords can be delivered quite smoothly towards any place around the world by simply reporting them as a “toy sword’ to customers. when their user receive the sword, they shall be able to share a picture of themselves equipped with it, which will be used to help promote its sales as well. This kind of sales point shall be interested to keep in eye on that’s for sure.

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