Tokyo-based Showcase Gig Secures Financial Funding From Loyalty Marketing.


Tokyo-based Showcase Gig Secures Financial Funding From Loyalty Marketing.

Showcase Gig, a Tokyo-based digital marketing startup, and the startup thats behind O:der, has recently announced during this past Tuesday that it’s manage to secure an undisclosed amount of financial amount from Japan’s largest reward program operator known as Loyalty Marketing.

Since its initial launching back during July, the startup has manage to provide a suite of CRM solution for small-sized retailers, comprising of two iOS application, one directed towards consumers and the other for merchants. This consumer application has a mobile wallet feature that allows payment by credit card  prior to picking up a product at the shop.



Loyalty Marketing provides a reward and loyal program that’s called Ponta and gives over 60 million consumers in Japan discounts or rewards at around 22,500 retail stores from around 103 brands. The company collects an enormous amount of consumer behavior data and utilizes the reward platform and help brands roll out their better marketing efforts.

Before the funding during this time, Showcase Gig and Loyalty Marketing has been working together in developing a gamification application dubbed Ponta Time. Furthermore, the O:der application has adopted a payment gateway service from Loyalty Marketing for allowing its user to pay through mobile.

Showcase Gig has revealed that they have manage to surpass over 100 merchants by using their application this month. they primarily target the female demographic in their 30s, but they believe their demographics will become even more diverse as they get more various merchants. In order to better understand  market needs, the company will need to learn more about consumer behaviors to keep providing appropriate service.

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