TokoBagus Has Changed Their Names To


TokoBagus Has Changed Their Names To

The largest classified site in Indonesia, has recently announced the changing of its name to today. This indicates the company shall be joining the world’s largest brand for online classifieds OLX, where millions of people tend to sell their second-hand property into local markets.

“Becoming OLX after such a great run as Tokobagus is a big move that demonstrates our ambition to help all Indonesians sell their second-hand items and earn money that can be used to upgrade their lives,” stated the Managing Director of OLX, Michal Klar.


This also means that a brand new URL and newly designed logo. For those who have decided to visit the site today, that shall be sent directed towards the new URL. All other parts of the online seeling platform shall continue to remain the same. The company main objective is to continue to be defined by its currently existing slogan “Cara tepat, jual cepta’, meaning, “Right way to sell fast”. This platform also comes along with a mobile application for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

As said in its official statement, OLX user shall still be able to enjoy the same service and all of them will continue to remain simple, fast and free of charge. Existing usernames and passwords will also continue to remain unchanged. All advertisement will appear on OLX with no action required by sellers.

Management. is still being led by the same management team that is based in Jakarta, with a team of over 100 Indonesians under their employment.

Alif Priyono, Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are already the largest site for online selling in Indonesia, and becoming and joining a global brand will help us to extend our lead even further as we provide the fastest and easiest way for users to sell and shop for high-quality second-hand products. Just use your phone to take a picture, post and sell.”

In order to make their customer base aware of this recent development, Tokobagus has launched a brand new TV ad.

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