Parties the Introduction of High Quality Protein to Thailand.

0 Parties the Introduction of High Quality Protein to Thailand.

Today, Arkham Enterprises, an online marketing company with a razor sharp focus on results, announced the release of, a dedicated online partner store that specializes in high quality protein supplements. The online store carries four selectively handpicked products: whey protein, vegan protein (pea and soy) and pure marine collagen powder.

“This is something very new in Thailand. We believe in quality, not quantity; that’s why we don’t have hundreds of products in fancy and colorful containers. We only sell the highest quality, all natural protein powders. Our products contain no additives, fillers, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and toxins,” said Jouni Flemming, Founder of Arkham Enterprises and the project manager of the online store.


The flagship product is pure whey protein, which is produced by a cooperative of 100% family owned small farms in the USA. All of the farms are unique in terms of herd size, landscape and soil makeup and the majority of the farms (over two thirds) herd outside, where the cows can eat fresh grass and move freely. While indoors, the cows are also grass fed in many of the farms. This allows the cooperative to produce high quality milk, which is used to create the whey protein isolate.

“I, like most people, used flavored whey protein because unflavored whey protein tasted bad. What I didn’t know was that you can really taste the quality. It’s only the low quality protein that tastes bad. After trying ThaiProtein’s unflavored whey protein, I have never looked back! This is the core of our business: we only sell the high quality products we believe in, and use ourselves,” said Mihai Barbulescu, Director of Online Sales & Marketing at Arkham Enterprises. is an online store owned by Arkham Enterprises that sells high quality protein to customers in Thailand. The protein is imported from selected manufacturers from the United States, Canada and Japan. All the products contain no added flavors, sweeteners or fillers and come in either 500 gram or 1 kg sealed zip bags. The products can be purchasedwith free delivery, using bank transfer or Paypal directly from the online store at

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