Tencent’s Red QR Codes Bringing a New Method On Download Apps.


Tencent’s Red QR Codes Bringing a New Method On Download Apps.

At the moment, the activity of “Scanning the Red QR Code, Obtaining a Red Packet” is quite widespread in China. As mobile device users scan the red QR code, they have a chance of obtaining lucky money from Tencent Yingyongbao. Tencent has contributed over RMB500 million for this activity.


Downloading application through the red QR code are different from the more traditional method of application downloading. Users can download Apps directly from the Wechat Scan. this provides a new method for App developers to distribute and popularize their apps. Tencent staff have announced that all Android users who can scan the red QR code through Yingyongbao, may have a chance of nabbing themselves some lucky money from Wechat, with the winning rate of 100 percent. Each of these packets contain as much as RMB200.

Red QR.

During the May Day holiday, the offline marketing campaign “Red QR code storm connecting all” was held in landmark buildings and plaszas within major cities, where approximately 20 application developers and Tencent Participated. Tens of thousands of people were allured to join in on this campaign, ranging from the elderly to children and even foreigners. All were actively engaged in joining “Scanning the Red QR Code, Grabbing a red envelope” activity. Additionally, marketing images and fotage of the red QR code have been spotted on buses and metros, mains streets and mainstream TVs of China’s giant cities.

At the moment, hundreds of applications have entered this activity and have achieved approximately 90 percent of their downloading transformation rate. Downloads of China’s Merchants Banks “Handheld life” has increased towards 1 million after joining in on this activity.

This is one of the typical examples of tradition enterprise that transformed to a mobile Internet enterprise through the red QR code of Yingyongbao. The successful transformation of “CMB LIFE” is clearly portrayed in the three aspects. Firstly, the one-sop download of Tencent Yingyongba’s red QR code reinforces the rate of transformation. Secondly, the new downloading Scenario and cash bonuses enhances the users passion and initiative for downloading. Third, it generates publicity through Tencent Yingyongbao and Wechat, online channels such as websites, Weibo and Wechat accounts of China Merchants Bank, and the offline channel of marketing department of China Merchant Bank.


Tencent Yingyongbao is an official application store of Tencent and its also an ideal choice for distributing application to the Chinese Android market. Tencent and third party partners issue their apps firstly on this platform. Tencent has enough account systems, different options, and vast amounts of resources for users. Due to these reasons, Tencent has succeeded in creating a fast paced way for advancing and creating profits for Android developers. Tencent has been able to develop in a mobile terminal, integrating all the platform sources, and fulfilling platform distributions with one access.

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