Tencent Terminates over 20 Million Accounts Linked With Malicious Intent.


Tencent Terminates over 20 Million Accounts Linked With Malicious Intent.

Tencent has recently announced that it has terminated over 20 million accounts on its popular messaging application, Wechat, due to them being linked with prostitution services. It has closed down over 30,000 public fake accounts.

Running with the assumptions that these accounts were still being actively used, this has taken quite a significant amount of WeChat’s currently monthly active userbase, with its recent milestone of 396 million.

Shut Down.

China began a series of crackdown on the messaging application industry during the late previous month, aiming for accounts which were determined to spread rumors and information related to matters which included terrorism and pornography, as well as those who were involved in fraud. Wechat or its Chinese version named Weixin in China, is one of the most popular messaging application within the country, which explains the large number of accounts being terminated.

During the previous week, WeChat also stated that it would begin to clean up its platform for more official accounts from June 9th in order to “protect the user experience” as there have been continuous signs of abuse with in terms of fraud and harassment of users. Day by Day, WeChat has revealed that it also removes over 10 million advertisement that are linked up with fraud or dont’ adhere to their regulations.


During January, Tencent also set up a funding that worth 10 Million CNY (US$1.6 million) in order to reward those who report accounts that are breaking the rules. So far, the company has manage to receive over 150,000 reports through the platform.

As of March until today, Tencent has also cleared up its other social networks QQ and QQ Zone, removing a total of 20 million spam messages, 250,000 malicious accounts, and removed over 70 million postings that were judged to be spreading pornography or were related to fraud.

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